First Pilot Area Meeting

On Monday September 26 Call-2-action held its first pilot area meeting in Southernwood, East London to inform local business owners about the Call-2-Action initiative.

Councillor Phindile Mhiza, representatives of the Boston City Campus, and the Southernwood Primary school principal were amongst the attendees of the meeting.

Project Manager, Saskia Haardt gave a comprehensive presentation of the Call-2-Action initiative, giving the background to its formation and the plans for implementation.

Though there was a little turnout from local businesses, those who were in attendance welcomed the initiative as a great idea that would improve the status quo of the Southernwood area.

Councillor Phindile Mhiza said that he thought the Call-2-Action initiative was a “very interesting project” that would bring change to the city.

After discussion among the attendees of the meeting, the following suggestions were made:

  • That residents be made aware of the initiative and also be involved in it.
  • Managers, landlords and owners of property around Southernwood be approached to get through to tenants.
  • Student bodies also be approached so that students living in student accommodations around the area can also get involved.
  • It was also suggested that key people or community leaders like church leaders be found so that they can take the message to their constituents.

The first pilot area meeting bore more fruits than initially expected.

The positive response from the businesses who attended the meeting was a confirmation that the project would indeed be accepted and carried through with the help of the broader community.

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