Quigney Pilot Area Meeting a Success

Quigney Pilot Area Meeting


Call-2-Action stakeholders convened with local businesses at the scenic Garden Court Hotel on the Esplanade, East London for the second pilot area meeting on Tuesday, 11 October.

The gathering was one of four meetings to be held in each pilot area to introduce the Call-2-action initiative to local businesses and to invite them to pledge their support

Sharleen van Pletzen of Quigney based events management company, the Motale Group, said that she thought the initiative was a step in the right direction.

“I think it’s awesome. I really hope that more companies will get involved. I think it’s important to improve things like tourism and enhance comfort in the area. It’s about time the beach front got a facelift because it is the face of the city” said van Pletzen.

The East London beach front was identified by Call-2-Action as one of the crucial areas for refinement as it is a popular tourism destination in the province. With hotels, numerous entertainment spots and businesses, it is an important component of the BCM economy.

Andrew Economou, whose business, Monogramics CC, also operates in the Quigney area, said that Call-2-Action was a good starting point.

Asked whether after the Call-2-Action presentation he would consider contributing, he said,

“It’s a good initiative. If it will enhance my business or my comfort in this area, yes.”

Executive Director of the Border-Kei Chamber of Business (BKCOB), Les Holbrook emphasised the importance of business contribution in the enhancement of the environment in which they operate.

His sentiment was echoed by Ian Mackay of large hotel and entertainment group, Tsogo Sun. Mackay is also the Quigney pilot area champion.

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