Preparation of Site Offices

A  team of designers and engineers who have pledged their time and expertise towards Call-2-Action are currently designing pilot site offices which will also  serve as drop-off stations for recyclable waste.

TCN Architects is leading the design of the pilot site offices which will be composed of tailor-made containers and drop-off bins. The aim is to create excitement around the Call-2-Action / Clean and Green City Programme pilot site offices and awareness to the initiative. The site offices will include office and storage space, as well as access to electricity, security and lighting to allow for 24/7 safety when dropping of the recyclable materials.

The concept of the container site offices is spear-headed by TCN architects, and comprises various professional inputs from Tshani Consulting, EOH, UWP Engineers, and Annemarie Fish of GIS.

DAL Agency confirmed to sponsor  containers in collaboration with Miltrans, who will be doing the conversion of the containers. The ultimate vision is to equip the containers with water tanks, solar panels and lighting, as well as chemical toilets.

The containers will provide sufficient space to create public awareness around the Call-2-Action Partnership as well as the multiple sponsors..

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