New Way To Spot and Report Waste

The public can now spot and report waste-ridden areas to the Call-2-Action team and BCMM through an application called Story Map Crowdsource.

The Story Map Crowdsource application gives users the opportunity to create a Crowdsourced story where people can contribute pictures with a caption, location and description of what their image entails.

GIS practitioner and Call-2-Action committee member, Annemarie Fish, developed the  Call-2-Action: Green City Initiative application based on the requirements of the Call-2-Action committee. She focused on how GIS technology can be used to manage urban spaces.  It enables a map viewer with the demarcated C2A precincts, a street map and allows users and team members to contribute to the site.  The application is developed on a GIS technology within the Cloud named ArcGIS online, which needs an annual subscription.

Fish also emphasised that the application is not for commercial use, but it is  to contribute  to the bigger cause of business contributing to clean city spaces.

Crowdsource will be used to log issues based on its location and photos.  Participants can also provide a title and description of the issue they’re reporting; e.g Stormwater drain needs cleaning.  A photo of the issue or comments can be uploaded with the exact address, and the data captured will then be analysed and used to report matters or give feedback to BCMM and the Call-2-Action committee.

DNF Waste and Environmental Service, service provider of the C2A initiative, will also use the application as a performance monitoring tool and as a communication platform.

The DNF team tasked with cleaning the first pilot area, Settlers Way, has been given training by Annemarie Fish on how to use the application.

People can access Crowdsource on their PCs, smart phones, and other devices with a web browser.

Although the app is publicly available, all uploads will be screened and approved before they can be published live.

Please find the link to the Call-2-Action’s crowdsource below:


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