Gonubie Superspar Adopts a Spot

The December holidays will find Gonubie beach and surroundings looking stunning for residents and guests; thanks to efforts by the Gonubie Superspar who gave the beach a facelift on Thursday, 8 December.

Gonubie Superspar invited community members and its employees to paint banisters along the beach and also cut the grass. This is part of the municipality’s adopt-a-spot programme where businesses adopt a certain precinct around their community and commit to keeping it clean.

On the day, community members – young and old- came out in full support of Spar’s initiative.

It was a fun-filled day, where families and friends got to paint and play; with everyone extremely enthusiastic about playing a role in beautifying their beach.

“We, as the owners and directors of Spar, want to make the place nice for the community to come to. It’s not about us wanting to take credit, it is about making it nice so that residents are able to come here and say ‘we have the nicest beach in town’…” said Nigel Connelloan of Spar.

Spar will also donate three concrete benches worth over R70 000, to be placed along the beach before Christmas time.

Also present on the day was Portfolio Councillor Helen Neal May, who expressed the Municipality’s excitement about the initiative.

“We are very grateful to Spar for this initiative. Let us all work together in this partnership to improve service delivery. As municipal services we will be with them all the way,” she said.

Several weeks before Spar’s initiative, the municipality fixed the Gonubie boardwalk. Cllr May indicated that these efforts between Business and the Municipality were a great thing for the city and would result in better service delivery.

Connelloan also added that he wished that more businesses would get involved so that the adopt-a-spot programme can have a greater impact on a larger scale.

As a wider consciousness of business being proactively involved in their local communities, the Call 2 Action, a collective business initiative aimed at enhancing city conditions, has already started cleaning and clearing Settlers Way with a look to grow to three other pilot areas in the City.

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