Companies echo the call to action

Some of East London’s prominent business organisations which have actively taken steps to clean their localities have echoed the need for business involvement in creating cleaner city spaces.

Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA), Life Healthcare, and ELMI College have all taken it upon themselves to help in tackling waste around their premises, and hope this becomes a culture for other businesses.

Over five years ago, CCBSA started paying their gardening services provider to clean the area immediately outside their premises in Wilsonia, which will continue into the future.

“As a significant role player in South Africa we need to be seen as setting the example in society – this includes aligning the area adjacent to our property to the expectations we have for housekeeping on our sites. The external housekeeping is a direct reflection on our business image and needs to be a direct reflection of our vision and what we aspire to be,” said CCBSA District Manager, Allan Long.

The food and beverages giant has also made a significant contribution to the Call-2-Action initiative, and has committed to lead in the initiative alongside other stakeholders to encourage municipal service delivery.

“It is critical for business to be involved in the initiative as we need to ensure that visitors to the city have a positive view of the city. If the maintenance and cleanliness of the city are poor then the perception of visitors and investors follows,” said Long.

Recently, Southernwood based college, ELMI students took to the streets on an anti-litter campaign termed “Pick Up, Clean Up, Green Up” (PCG), which is aimed at combating litter on the streets of Southernwood.

ELMI Marketing Manager, Dolly Ndevu said that their SRC challenged other colleges and organisations to get involved, but only managed to bring in representatives from the Downtown Christian Centre.

“In the space of two hours, the ELMI College students had collected 60 bags of rubbish. The campaign hopes to create awareness and action, and implies that if we act together, cleaning one block at a time, we can build together a cleaner and greener environment,” said Ndevu.

Another institution making a positive contribution to a cleaner environment is Life Healthcare. The healthcare services provider launched a project called ‘Look at Me’ which focuses on the experience that visitors and patients have in their Eastern Cape hospitals. This extends to the impression created from the time that patients and visitors drive to and enter the hospital.

The hospitals tasked their gardeners to clean the pavements outside of and around the hospitals daily to ensure that when people arrive at the hospitals they are met with neat and clean surroundings.

Commenting on Call-2-Action, Life Healthcare’s EC Regional manager, Bruce Janssens said: “Call-2-Action is a wonderful initiative which, if all businesses participate, will enhance the image and cleanliness of our city. Every little bit helps to ensure that the overall impact is great.”

Business and community efforts like those of the aforementioned institutions are a part of what the Call-2-Action initiative wishes to inspire, and it would make a great deal of a difference if more people start to take action.

“The state of the Buffalo City streets is appalling and need immediate intervention and action. We can no longer sit back and complain about service delivery, this is our city, let’s make it work,” said Dolly Ndevu.

To join the Call-2-Action, please contact Drayton Brown on 0437438438 or



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