Waste Buy Back Centre available!

Uncertainty about what to do with waste materials will soon be a thing of the past for Buffalo City Municipality residents with the reopening of the Waste Buy-back Centre at the Oriental Plaza, in North End.

The buy-back centre was originally operated by the municipality for a project which ended in April 2016. BCM has now handed the fully equipped facility to DNF Waste and Environmental Services, who commenced work on 1 February.

“As the call to action committee, we are very excited to have the use of this facility available to us. It creates an opportunity for members of the public to generate value (cash) from their waste, which we are hoping will reduce the overall waste that is moved to landfill,” said newly appointed Invest Buffalo City Coordinator, Drayton Brown.

The facility operates as part of the Call-2-Action initiative’s drive to create a cleaner BCM. It will buy back waste from the community, and also receive waste collected from the Call-2-Action clean-up project.

“The C2A needed a central point for all the waste of its pilot areas. BCMM is currently collecting all the waste along Settlers Way. However, all the recyclables need to be transported to Wilsonia before being processed. Access to the Buy-back centre will improve the efficiency of operation from both a cost as well as logistics point of view,” said Brown.

An official opening of the centre by the municipality together with C2A stakeholders, it seems, will only be a matter of formality as the DNF team has already started cleaning up the premises buying, and sorting waste.

As part of their marketing campaign for Call-2-Action, DNF went on a schools rollout programme where they gave out litter bins. They also educated learners about the importance of recycling, what is recyclable, and where they can take their recyclables.

“Since the schools rollout programme, awareness about the availability of the buyback centre has grown along with the number of walk-ins selling waste. We have had a few people pass by and ask what we’re doing, an hour later they’re back with their waste,” said DNF Supervisor, BayandaNjeza.

map to buy back centre.png
MAP to the Buy back Centre

The reopening and functioning of the buy-back centre is another great stride by collective business, through the Call-2-Action initiative, in moving towards a cleaner and greener BCM.

BCM Waste Minimization Planning and Education assistant Manager, Nosifundo Sikweyiya commended business for their efforts.

“The partnership with the businesses was needed in BCM. Waste is not only the responsibility of the government. The municipality, business, and the community at large should all work together to ensure that the Metro is clean. By doing this, we are ensuring a better BCM which can easily attract investment.

This is the first partnership I’ve heard of where businesses are working with the Municipality to ensure a cleaner environment. This will really take us far, and if everyone gets involved, the metro could be up for municipal awards in the near future,” said Sikweyiya.

Sikweyiya also emphasised the importance of preaching recycling in the family environment.

“Waste is not waste, it is money. It is only wasted where it is neglected. People should find out what is recyclable, and also encourage their children to separate waste at home so that they can earn themselves an income as children. As the community of buffalo city, we should start by encouraging our families because everything begins at home,” she said.

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