How can you help?

Call-2-Action is calling on all businesses and individuals to get involved in this ground breaking initiative to create a cleaner and greener Buffalo City. Below is a list of all the materials required to set up pilot site offices at each of the four pilot area. The site offices will serve as drop off points for all recyclable waste.

  1. Converted Containers – Refer Dwg CB-100
    – 1 x 12m container
    – 1 x 6m container

    Conversion to Offices
    – Internal partitioning
    – Internal cladding
    – Internal wall partitioning
    – Chemical toilet
    – 12 x 600 x 600 aluminium windows
    – 12 x Steel box frames for windows
    – 1 x 2400 x 2400 aluminium sliding door
    – 1 x 2400 x 2400 glazed signage panel
    – Spiral staircase

2. Steel Canopy and Supporting  Steelwork  – Refer Dwg ST-100 AND ST-101
– Steel sheeting cladding
– Manufacture, supply and installation
– Fascias and rainwater goods
– Painting and finishing
– Structural steel frame and supports
3. Concrete Bases and Plinth Concrete – Refer Dwg CN-101
– 4 concrete bases – 800 x 800 for container pads
– 50mm concrete cover below container
4. Paved Kerbed Area (Outside Container)  – Refer Dwg CN-101
– 45sqm with 30m kerbing on compacted and filled base course
5. Recycle Bins
– 4 x Recycle bins
6. Water Tanks
– 2 x 5000lt water tanks and connection pipes
7. Solar PV Power System
– 6 panel and batteries, cabling and LED’s for 10 lights and 4 plug points
8. Solar Wi-Fi Park Bench
– PV Panels and batteries for solar driven Wi-Fi and recharge stations
– Bench and battery box with solar panel support structure
9. Office Furniture and Equipment
– Meeting table and 12 x chairs upstairs
– 4 x Office chairs
– Coffee table and six chairs
– 6 x outdoor stackable chairs with table

This is how the pilot site offices will look once they have been set up.


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