Waste Drop-off Site Launched

Call2Action stakeholders stand outside the containers which will serve as the site offices for the cleanup team.

The first of four waste drop-off sites in areas demarcated  as key for improvement within the city by Call-2-Action stakeholders was officially launched on Monday 5 June.

Waste drop off sites will be used by businesses and the community to drop off all their recyclable waste.

The Settler’s Way site was launched by Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality Executive Mayor, Xola Phakathi, together with C2A stakeholders – the Border-Kei Chamber of Business (BKCOB) and Buffalo City Metropolitan Development Agency (BCMDA).

Speaking at the launch, Phakathi applauded project stakeholders for taking initiative and contributing to the Metro’s vision of a clean and green city.

“This launch comes at a time when we are faced with the challenge of promoting our Metro as a green and clean city. It is a testament that we as the Municipality and our different stakeholders commit ourselves to achieving our goal in terms of the call-2-action campaign, which is to change the face of the city,” said Phakathi.

The Call to action is a sub-project of Invest Buffalo City (IBC), a multi-stakeholder initiative to promote business in Buffalo City.

IBC Project Manager, Drayton Brown was on hand at the event , “the launch of our first pilot area is a great success. It is a real testament to the benefits of the public and private sectors working together.  I am now looking forward to the launch of our second pilot in the coming weeks.”

Moving forward, Call-2-Action stakeholders will be taking the project to the Beach Front, where a team similar to the Settlers Way team has already been employed to clean up the area.

Call-2-action Team


The Border-Kei Chamber of Business, which has spearheaded the project alongside other stakeholders, encouraged the coming together of public and private sector as a great move for the city.

“As we partner with each other, this particular project becomes more and more relevant,” said BKCOB Executive Director Les Holbrook.

A schools programme has also been rolled out as part of the initiative to teach schools and the larger community about recycling and the business opportunities which exist within the waste industry.

Businesses are invited to get in touch with the Chamber and find out how they can get involved in this ground-breaking initiative.






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