Second Drop-off Site Launched

Call2Action stakeholders launched another waste drop-off station in Quigney, the second area earmarked for the initiative’s clean and green city programme, on Thursday June 15.

The Quigney launch followed just days after the C2A launched its first site in Settlers Way on 5 June, and counts as yet another milestone for this ground breaking project.

Border-Kei Chamber of Business Executive Director, Les Holbrook, said that the organisation, which has spearheaded the project since it was conceptualised, was very pleased with its progress, especially the setting up of these two drop-off stations.

“Business is committed to making a difference and tackling the scourge of the City makes sense. Our plan is to eventually reach the goal of a Clean and Green city.

Tackling the project one phase at a time allows us to bring business into the Project and to ensure sustainability – particularly as this is a very real public-private partnership working with the Municipality,” said Holbrook.

These drop-off stations are a convenient facility for businesses and the community to dispose of their recyclable waste without defacing the environment. They are also designed in such a way that they can serve as offices for the groups of workers employed to clean up the area on a daily basis.

Tsogo Sun’s Ian Mackay is the area champion for the Quigney precinct. He has, on behalf of the call-2-action committee, been responsible for engaging with businesses in the area to solicit financial support for the programme.

Mackay said that although there was still reluctance from some businesses to finance a clean-up programme on top of their rates, it was important for all to get involved and ensure the cleanliness of the environment in which they operate.

“What all must remember is that this is a top up service to what BCM already does for the area, this is to ensure that daily our beachfront and Quigney area is well maintained and looking clean. There is nothing worse than  a customer driving up to your business and having go through an untidy and littered area. We  all strive to have excellent curb appeal within and outside of our properties,” said Mackay.

Mackay added that initiatives such as this were imperative for the city’s future and attracting investment.

The Buffalo City Metropolitan Development Agency (BCMDA), which is one of the C2A stakeholders, has said that the launching of these sites contributes to a bigger vision which they have for these areas.

“The Agency has already appointed a consortium of professionals to help us redesign the spaces with a view to attract investors and initiate developments. Through our budgeting process we have also ensured that resources are set aside to ensure provision of security measures in the beach front,” said BCMDA Chief Executive officer, Gcinumzi Qotywa.

Qotywa added that Call-2-Action was a clear demonstration of what is achievable through public-private partnerships.

“This is a clear demonstration of the beginning of a new era, where we all accept that we all have a responsibility towards our well-being as well as the environment broadly. We are very excited to be part of this initiative and we will do everything to ensure that our continued support is felt throughout the City,” said Qotywa.

Between BCMDA and the Call-2-Action project implementer, DNF Waste and Environmental Services, over forty people have been employed as part of the Clean and Green City programme.

Businesses and the community are urged to make maximum use of these facilities and play a role in cleaning up the city.


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