Coke Cleans E.L Beachfront

On Friday 15 September Coca Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA) cleaned up the East London Beachfront as one of their Corporate Social Investment initiatives.

Over 100 CCBSA employees, joined by Call2Action, the Department of Environmental Affairs, and the Buffalo City Municipality, cleaned up the face of the city just a day before International Coastal Cleanup day, which takes place on the third Saturday of September every year.

The cleanup started off at popular braai-spot, Ebuhlanti in the Quigney, and went up the Esplanade, to as far as the Orient theatre.


Department of Environmental Affairs Team with waste collected at Ebuhlanti.

East Coast CCBSA District Manager, Allan Long said that he was pleased to see the community and business getting involved in an initiative that will contribute towards the greater good of having a cleaner BCM. Long said that it was important for business to get involved in shaping the future of “our city.”


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“Yes we do pay taxes, but we’ve got to make a difference in society and lead the change, and get council to support us, and make this a cleaner and greener city. We can sit back and say we expect council and local government to do it,  or we can lead the change and get them to work with us to do it,” said Long.

National Department of Environmental Affairs Director, Dudu Soginga, warned the crowd about the severe effects of waste which gets deposited into the ocean daily, stating that it threatens marine life and the possibility of a thriving marine economy.

“Our goal as the department is to achieve an equitable society that lives in harmony with nature. It is very important that the community got involved and made this cleanup a success” said Soginga.

Soginga also added that although the cleanup was a huge success, a true victory would be an overall awareness within communities, which would in turn significantly decrease the amount of waste which gets deposited into the ocean.

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