Ten things You Need To Know About Call2Action!

This multi-stakeholder initiative driven by the BKCOB has been implementing the Clean and Green city project since November 2016.Since inception, call2action has reached a number of milestones, and has been involved in other initiatives which include the Coca Cola Beverages SA Beach front cleanup.

Here are ten things you need to know about the project:

  1. Two pilot areas employing 15 people in Settler’s Way and the Quigney have been set up. These serve as site offices for the teams, who clean up the area. They are also waste drop-off points for the community.
  2. 32 Schools have been incorporated into the programme with the assistance of Coca Cola Beverages South Africa to increase recycling in schools and to educate learners about the value of waste.
  3. The Buyback centre transferred to Call-2-Action by the municipality has processed over 250tons of recyclables since February. This is waste that has been diverted away from the landfill site.
  4. The buyback centre has paid out R230 000 to independent waste collectors for recyclables.
  5. This milestone project is run on donor funding from businesses who want to ensure their City remains Clean and Green; an enabling environment to conduct business, and attract investment.
  6. As part of the funding model, businesses are given the opportunity to have their branding on the site offices, acknowledging their contributions. Call2Action accepts donations from as little as R1 as we believe that everyone has a role to play in ensuring the cleanliness of our city.
  7. The donations can also be attributed to companies’ BEE scorecard under Enterprise Development as our Implementing Agent, DNF Waste and Environmental Services is a Level 1, 135% Black, woman-owned company.
  8. Mercedes Benz South Africa and the Garden Court hotel are the pilot area champions for the call2Action’s first two pilot areas, Settler’s way, and Quigney respectively.
  9. Street-scaping will begin in Settler’s Way at the end of 2017.
  10. The Daily Dispatch will feature Call2Action in a regular column, under different topics, to create awareness and educate the public about taking care of the environment.


Donate your CSI spend to Call-2-Action and claim BBBEE points under Enterprise Development.

If you would like to participate in this great initiative to make our city Clean and Green please contact Drayton Brown at ibc@bkcob.co.za or 0437438438.

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