SAB Sponsors Call-2-Action!

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South African Breweries (SAB) / Anheuser-Busch InBev (Ab-Inbev) has pledged R250 000 to the Call-2-Action Campaign to further clean and green Buffalo City.

The timing could not be perfect as the partnership will enable to keep the teams on Settlers Way and Quigney cleaning the city for a further 6 months.

It’s close to 2 years since the Buffalo City Development Agency, Buffalo City Municipality and the Border-Kei Chamber of Business launched the Call-2-Action programme, with an objective of getting important stakeholders together to take charge of the spaces in which they live, work, play and invest in.

The active participation of stakeholders within the Invest Buffalo City (IBC) project and the ‘charity begins at home’ phrase was the guiding principle of the Call-2-Action project implementation.

This initiative has encouraged eco-friendly practices in citizens through cleaning and beautifying the city. People who live and work in the City have the power to contribute positively to the C-2-A programme, as the success of the City equates to an improvement in the standard of living.

Call-2-Action and DNF Waste & Environment Services have also partnered with Coca Cola for the Schools Programme which has a total of 32 local schools to create awareness in keeping the city clean, educate learners about recycling and important opportunities for students to become engaged in real world issues that transcend classroom walls.

The  Ab-Inbev logo will appear alongside other donor’s branding on our Call-2-Action blog and site office in Settlers Way and we greatly appreciate the support and confidence they are showing in our campaign.


2 thoughts on “SAB Sponsors Call-2-Action!

  1. Having been part of this for over a year, I can honestly say that it changed my attitude towards littering. I cannot drop a single thing on the street, or wherever, unless its into a bin, otherwise I’ll just keep it in my backpack or pocket til I get home. I am glad to see that it’s still moving forward and I hope it reaches as many people, and brings more change to BCM.

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