Corona x Parley pledges to end marine plastic pollution by starting with Eastern Beach!

Beach Clean Up 2In a movement to end marine plastic pollution, Corona beer and Parley for the Beaches have partnered in conducting a clean-up for the Eastern Beach on the 19th of June 2018

Coroner’s partnership with Parley, which is a group of surfers that go around the world cleaning up the beaches is the first step to prevent and stop more trash from going into the oceans. Corona x Parley are creating a platform to go around and clean up all the beaches and protect 100 islands by 2020.

The partners included Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM), Border-Kei Chamber of Business, Transnet and EOH.

On arrival, the beach initially looked quite “clean”, but it didn’t take long for all volunteers to realise the extent to which tiny straws, broken bottles and plastic bottle caps had become embedded in the environment.

Sustainable Communication Strategist, Angela Barter said she was shocked at the amount of plastic pollution on the beach.

“My hope is that consumers and companies realise the damage they are doing and start taking steps to move towards more sustainable and environmentally responsible practices,” said Barter

Upon closer inspection, shards of plastic, pieces of plastic bags, cigarette butts and straws were found buried in the sand with the top 5 items of trash picked up being food wrappers, plastic bags, straws, plastic bottle caps and plastic bottles.

ABInBev’s Licence To Trade Specialist, Tinumzi Lubelwana said the clean-up was an eye opener for him, he didn’t know that there were so many straws buried in the sand.

“We expected more volunteers from the Municipality and businesses, but the turnout was satisfactory, we’re thinking of conducting clean-ups at least once a quarter and I am happy to have played a role for the environment,” said Lubelwana

The outcome of the clean-ups is bigger than just a cleaner beach, as it changes people’s view of their role within the environment and instils a sense of responsibility towards their surrounds and appreciate the beauty of our oceans.

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