#Bag2TheFuture will help divert more bags from landfill


Recycling plastic bags is essential to waste reduction and the conservation of non-renewable natural resources.

Bag2TheFuture (B2TF) is a new initiative that is set to launch on the 15th of November to promote recycling of plastic beyond bags. B2TF is the brainchild of Call-2-Action, Ecopack, Leader Packaging and DNF.

This #Bag2TheFuture initiative will tackle a growing environmental problem caused by unrecycled plastic.

The campaign is an education and outreach effort aimed at increasing the city’s use of reusable bags and awareness of the recyclability of plastic bags.

Everyone can play an important role in reducing trash, preventing litter and putting the three R’s to use! Join the movement! Follow @bag2thefuture_recycle on Instagram to #recycleplasticbags

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