Making Steady Progress

For the past three weeks the Call-2-Action team has been hard at work on the first pilot area, Settlers Way. So far they have cleaned out gutters, picked up waste on pavements, and continue to remove other piles of litter randomly discarded on open spaces.

New Way To Spot and Report Waste

The public can now spot and report waste-ridden areas to the Call-2-Action team and BCMM through an application called Story Map Crowdsource. The Story Map Crowdsource application gives users the opportunity to create a Crowdsourced story where people can contribute pictures with a caption, location and description of what their image entails. GIS practitioner and … More New Way To Spot and Report Waste

Discussing Plans for Southernwood Park

  On the 17th, Call-2-Action held a site meeting at St. George’s park, Southernwood to discuss the positioning of the recycle drop-off stations as well as the pilot site offices. Potential upgrades of the park for beautification and a variety of outdoor activities were also  included in the discussions. The meeting was attended by the … More Discussing Plans for Southernwood Park

Preparation of Site Offices

A  team of designers and engineers who have pledged their time and expertise towards Call-2-Action are currently designing pilot site offices which will also  serve as drop-off stations for recyclable waste. TCN Architects is leading the design of the pilot site offices which

Western Avenue Excited about Call-2-Action

Oxford Street and Western Avenue businesses and community leaders showed much enthusiasm after being introduced to the call to action initiative at the final pilot area meeting held at The Venue Hemingways Mall on Tuesday 25 October. Representatives of Sasol Garage, Downtown Christian Centre, and Strand Outfitters, among others, all expressed that they were concerned … More Western Avenue Excited about Call-2-Action

First Pilot Area Meeting

On Monday September 26 Call-2-action held its first pilot area meeting in Southernwood, East London to inform local business owners about the Call-2-Action initiative. Councillor Phindile Mhiza, representatives of the Boston City Campus, and the Southernwood Primary school principal were amongst the attendees of the meeting. Project Manager, Saskia Haardt gave a comprehensive presentation of … More First Pilot Area Meeting